Antonio y Cañizares start its business in 1975 when two partners linked to the distribution on one hand Antonio Cañizares CEO of the company and on the other hand Antonio Parra sales manager decided to establish a distribution company in Totana (Murcia). Some years later Miguel Cabrera join us as the third partner and give us fresh air. His entrepreneurial vision involved the growth of a humble business, after 40 years of effort and enthusiasm, has gone on to become the referent of the distribution of food products and impulse sale in its geographical area: Murcia and south of Alicante and since 1999 , throughout the province of Almeria. After 40 years of professional experience and the absorption of Mogayma, distributor of impulse sales, in Antonio Canizares we offer the best service to our customers through our human resources, and we are committed to investing in technological equipment to help us become a reference nationwide in the distribution model.

Technologies that assures traceability

Our warehouse of Totana and Viator are interconnected allowing us to know the availability of any product at any moment.

Since 1975, year of establishment of Antonio y Cañizares, our founders have always been committed to constant innovation and implementation of technological means that help to generate better service experiences. Agility in delivery is key for our customers to comply with their own times and objectives. In 1994 we were one of the first companies of our area to use TPV for the external managements. The expansion in Almería since 1999 brought new investment in infrastructure, technical facilities, expanding the fleet of vehicles and a constant drive to our understanding of the distribution.

In recent years we have incorporated the presale system with tablets, due to a complete computerization, vertebrate a robust system by Acisa own software, which allows real-time stock of each product. Moreover, the computer system facilitates all aspects related to food traceability from the batch control and expiration by laser systems identification, entry and exit orders, billing and a complete update of the images of each product.

An effective distribution method

We have a fleet of 75 own vehicles covering the whole Murcia, Almeria geography and southern Alicante. There are more than 7,300 customers to whom we owe, always with the best attitude and commitment, with a professional team and cutting-edge technical means. All this converges to provide better service and reduce waiting times.

Our highest goal is to have satisfied customers, which we achieved with a daily service reception and delivery of products with the maximum freshness.

Our relationship with each customer is very close, feeling responsible of each one of them obtaining an optimum service and the products they need. For that we study the specific needs of each one, developing a key collaboration to give an effective response to this changing sector that every day requires a bit more from us.